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Welcome to the World of Darkness

    " Most people find sanctuary in churches, nature, or a prescription from the doctor. You were once asleep like them, but no longer. The world as they know it is a lie, and the truth if far more frightening. There is a club not far from here, where people dance throughout the night. Where in the back rooms the Awakened gather. Inside there's a place that's never been touched by the flames of the burning times. It's called Club Horizon. "

    Mage: the Ascension has been around as a role playing game for more than 20 years. It is set in a mirror world from ours called the World of Darkness, where horrors could be lurking around every corner. Mages are the hope in this desperate world. They are the activists who fight back in a corrupt system. They are the healers, and the visionaries. Mages are the people who die for what they believe in. Mage the Ascension is a game where you become a character with the powers of a God. Mages can reshape reality using their will, and can believe so strongly that they are able to change the world. Still, mages are just people, and with power comes corruption.


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